Who I am

I’m an urban transportation professional with interests across public transit, cycling, road safety, behaviour change and public policy.  I have applied my dual lenses as an engineer and planner to tackle urban challenges in Boston, San Francisco and London, and I currently work as a Senior Policy Advisor with Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation in my hometown of Toronto.

I am a graduate from MIT’s Master of City Planning and Master of Science in Transportation dual-degree program, where I conducted research with Professor Jinhua Zhao’s Urban Mobility Lab on the behavioural foundations of transportation. My master’s thesis considered how we can reduce single-occupancy vehicle travel through workplace-based incentives such as parking pricing reforms and transit benefits. (Our programs helped MIT reduce its own parking demand by ten precent over two years!) Since then, I have been eager to talk parking policy to anyone who will listen (shout-out to my fellow Shoupistas!).

I’ve been fortunate to gain experience in the public sector working with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), in the consulting world with IBI Group, in the technology sector with Autonomic (a subsidiary of Ford Smart Mobility), and in contracted transit operations with Tower Transit in England. My interest for urban planning and transportation grew from my undergraduate degree in Engineering Science from the University of Toronto, where I built transportation and land use models with Professor Eric Miller and learned the value of data-driven decision-making.

Outside of my professional life, I enjoy road cycling, playing with my little nephews, and making music with community orchestras and chamber groups as a French hornist and pianist.


A two-page résumé can be downloaded here, while my complete CV can be found here.

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